• 1 (430х360х150 / 190х70х60 mm)
  • 3 (330х265х115 / 95х50х45 mm)
You choosed:
  • Type

  • IR illumination

  • Housing material

  • Supply voltage

  • Cable gland

  • Universal mounting on poles and supports

Orion series heat-insulated enclosures for video cameras with lenses, IR cameras, IR spotlights or other electronic equipment are designed to protect the equipment installed inside the enclosure from environmental impacts. Applications: security and safety, control over technological processes. Including operation in aggressive environments (stainless steel enclosure).

The housings are designed for operation at ambient temperatures from minus 60 ° С to plus 50 ° С, type of climatic modification УХЛ1 according to GOST 15150-69. Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa The degree of protection of the shell - IP67 according to GOST 14254.

Protection against electric shock in accordance with GOST class III / class I. The metal housing has a protective earthing and a working insulation from current-carrying parts. With a supply voltage of 220V AC protection class I, with a supply voltage of up to 24V DC or AC - protection class III.

The enclosures are manufactured in the versions that differ in: enclosure material, overall dimensions, operating voltage, availability of IR illumination.
Operating voltage  12-36 V ±10% DC or AC
220 V ±10% AC
Input current (RMS value), max
  with heating without heating
Type-1 12-36 VDC
12-36 VAC 1.7А
220 VAC 0.3А 0.1А
Type-3 12-36 VDC 3.7А
12-36 VAC 4.6А 1.7А
220 VAC 0.25А 0.1А
Power supply for installed equipment Voltage 12V±10%
Input current, max. 0.5А
'Cold start' temperature +0°С (±3°С)
Heating temperature (on/off) +1°С  / +10°С
Emergency power-off temperature 55°С (±3°С)
IR illumination
narrow-angle 30°
wide-angle 120°
Video equipment overall dimensions,
Type -1 190х70х60 mm
Type -3 95х50х45 mm
Enclosure material low-carbon steel 10 or 20 or stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т
Overall dimensions, max
Type -1 541х361х150 mm
Type -3 424х264х115 mm
Weight, max.
Type -1 10
Type -3 5

Heat-insulating enclosures are supplied with cable glands of various versions: 

  • for surface routing of the cable (designation index - К);
  • for routing the cable in pipe G1/2 (Т-1/2) or G3/4 (Т-3/4);
  • for connection of the armoured cable (B); 
  • for connection of the cable in metal hose RZTsH-15 mm or 20 mm (КМ10- КМ20).

Cable glands have G1/2 connection thread. Cable glands allow to route in/out round cables of diameter 6-12 mm



  • Operation temperature: -60°С…+50°С;
  • Automatic control of the temperature inside the enclosure;
  • Automatic heating before the cold start of video equipment;
  • Option to switch off heating;
  • Emergency power-off of equipment when internal space is overheated.


Example of order information

ORION [Type] -[IR30, IR120] -[S, N] -[12-36V, 220V] -[К, Т1/2, Т3/4, B, КМ15, КМ20]
1 2 3 4 5 6

1 - Designation for Explosion-proof heat-insulated enclosures «ORION»;

2 - Size designation:

3 - availability and angle of IR illumination (no designation - not available):
   IR30 – narrow-angle illumination, 30 degrees;
   IR120 – wide-angle illumination, 120 degrees;

4 - enclosure material:
  S – galvanized steel with powder coating;
  N – stainless steel without coating;

5 - operating voltage:
  12-3V – 12-36 VDC/VAC;
   220V – 220 VAC;

6 - cable gland type:
  К – for surface routing of cable;
  Т1/2, Т3/4 – for connection to G1/2 or G3/4 pipe thread;
  B – for armoured cable, outer diameter 18 mm;
  КМ10, КМ12, КМ15, КМ20 – for metal hose 10 mm - 20 mm.


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