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Zenit MK series light fixtures are intended for general illumination of industrial spaces with normal work conditions, warehouses, objects of transport infrastructure and other areas where explosive gas may be present. Light fixtures have explosion protection rated to explosion-proof enclosure 'd'.

The light fixtures ensure the stability of the light flux in the entire range of operating voltages, absence of pulsations and stroboscopic effect.

The light fixture has external and internal earthing terminals with 'ground' sign. Standard kit includes the mounting bracket.

The light fixture is mounted to the wall or ceiling using the holes in the bracket. The light fixture can operate in any spatial orientation.

In the complete set with a lamp ZENIT MK the bracket for ceiling or wall installation is supplied.
Explosion protection marking 1Ex d IIB T5 Gb X
Enclosure material aluminium alloy
Ingress protection IP67
Operating temperature range -40...+50С
Climatic rating HL 1.1
Service life 10 years
Light fixtures are supplied with cable glands of various versions:
 - For surface routing of the cable with diameter 6-14 mm; designation "K"
 - For routing the cable in pipe with G 1/2 thread designation TG-1/2
 - For routing the cable in pipe with G 3/4 thread designation TG-3/4
 - For connection of armoured cable with outer diameter 6-14 mm designation "B"
 - For routing the cable in a metal hoses RZ-TsH-15, -20, -25. designation "KM15","KM20","KM25"
Operating voltage:
ZENIT MK-20-220 220VAC±20%, 50-60 Hz
ZENIT MK-20-12/24 10.8 – 27VDC
ZENIT MK-40-220, ZENIT MK-60-220, ZENIT MK-80-220, ZENIT MK-100-220, ZENIT MK-120-220 176-264VAC, 50-60 Hz
ZENIT MK-40-12, ZENIT MK-60-12, ZENIT MK-80-12, ZENIT MK-100-12, ZENIT MK-120-12 12VDC±10%
ZENIT MK-40-24, ZENIT MK-60-24, ZENIT MK-80-24, ZENIT MK-100-24, ZENIT MK-120-24 24VDC±10%
Power, W
ZENIT MK-20 20
ZENIT MK-40 40
ZENIT MK-60 60
ZENIT MK-80 80
ZENIT MK-100 100
ZENIT MK-120 120
Power factor, min 0,97
Rated luminous flux, lm
ZENIT MK-20 1500
ZENIT MK-40 3600
ZENIT MK-60 5400
ZENIT MK-80 7200
ZENIT MK-100 9000
ZENIT MK-120 10800
Light distribution class P
Type of light intensity curve as per GOST R 54350-2011 D
Color temperature 5000 K
Overall dimensions, mm
ZENIT MK-20 330х170х60
ZENIT MK-40, ZENIT MK-60 320х320х70
ZENIT MK-80, ZENIT MK-100, ZENIT MK-120 425х320х70
Weight, max
ZENIT MK-20 5 kg
ZENIT MK-40, ZENIT MK-60 9 kg
ZENIT MK-80, ZENIT MK-100, ZENIT MK-120 14 kg

Example of order information:

ZENIT MK 120-220 Т-3/4 TU  3461-001-81888935-2014
1 2   3

1 - device kit type:
ZENIT MK-120 - power 120W, operating voltage 220VAC;
2 - cable gland type:
- For surface routing of the connecting 6-12 mm cable (designation К)
- For routing the connection cable in pipe G1/2 (designation Т1/2)
- For routing the connection cable in pipe G3/4 (designation Т3/4)
- For connection of the 6-12 mm armoured cable (designation B)
- For routing the cable in a metal hose of the following diameters: 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm (designation КМ15, КМ20, КМ25)
3 - technical standard.


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