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  • угол 80°
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Searchlight of infrared radiation explosion-proof Orion MK IR

An infrared illuminator in an explosion-proof design Orion MK IR is designed to be used with video surveillance cameras, and to obtain high-quality video at small, and far away distances in low light conditions. The IR illuminator allows the video camera to clearly record the fact of unauthorized entry into the protected area or monitor the movement of vehicles and working personnel in oil, oil refining, petrochemical, gas and other industrial enterprises, including mines and mines..

The searchlight is an auxiliary video surveillance device to ensure the safety, security and control of technological processes of explosive and aggressive production of oil, oil refining, petrochemical, gas and other complex technological industries, including mines and mines..

Orion MK IR searchlights have explosion protection of the “explosion proof enclosure “ d ”shell type. Explosion protection marking PB Ex d I Mb X / 1Ex d IIС T6 Gb X according to GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011. The sign "X" in the marking means not to expose the light-transmitting part to mechanical stress..

IR illuminators belong to explosion-proof electrical equipment of groups I, II, III according to GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011 and are intended for use in underground workings of mines and mines and their ground structures, as well as in explosive rooms, outdoor installations and dusty environments in accordance with established marking of explosion protection, requirements of TR TS 012/2011, GOST R IEC 60079-14-2011, other regulatory documents that govern the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas and in areas that are dangerous for ignition of mountains dust dust.

IR illuminators are designed for operation at ambient temperatures from minus 60 ° С to plus 50 ° С, type of climatic modification is UHL1 according to GOST 15150-69. Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa Degree of protection of the shell - IP67 according to GOST 14254.

Protection against electric shock according to GOST class III. The metal case has a protective grounding and working insulation from live parts.

IR illuminators are supplied with cable glands of various versions: 

  • for surface routing of the cable (designation index - К);
  • for routing the cablein pipe G1/2 (Т-1/2) or G3/4 (Т-3/4);
  • for connection of the armoured cable (B); 
  • for connection of the cable in metal hose RZTsH-15 mm or 20 mm (КМ10- КМ20).

Video cameras are completed with cable entries of the KV TU 3449-138-81888935-2016 series produced by “LLC Company SMD”. Connection thread for cable entries G1 / 2. Cable entries allow you to enter and output cables of circular cross section with a diameter of 6-12mm.


The Orion MK IR infrared illuminator is an integral part of a video surveillance system in conditions of insufficient illumination of objects of observation. Illumination in the infrared spectrum reduces the power consumption and the financial costs of lighting for video surveillance, allowing you to create a video surveillance system for large areas. The searchlight is installed in any convenient place, taking into account the orientation of the video. It is necessary to avoid direct hit of the rays in the camera lens to prevent possible image exposure. The human eye distinguishes the wavelength (luminescence) in the range of 400-700 nanometers, which is not acceptable for covert surveillance. For this purpose, it would be efficient to use the spectrum in the range of 930-950nm, but at such values ​​the sensitivity of the matrix of the video camera is much lower, which leads to a deterioration in image quality. For the Orion MK IR illuminator, a wavelength of 850 nanometers was selected, which allows you to perform hidden video surveillance without degrading the image quality at night, while the human eye is extremely difficult to capture this glow, which is optimal for hidden video surveillance.

Orion MK IR infrared illuminator is an explosion-proof housing with an explosion-proof type of flameproof enclosure “d”. The shell in explosion-proof design is made of low carbon steel; corrosion resistant steel; aluminum alloy. The body is a hollow cylinder with welded flanges for fastening the covers. The back cover of the shell is attached to the case with six screws and has on the outer side two fittings with an internal thread for installing cable glands, and on the opposite side, which is installed inside the case, a power board is mounted. The emitter board has eight light-emitting diodes of the infrared glow spectrum, optical lenses are mounted on top of them, which positively influence the characteristics of the searchlight depending on the conditions of video surveillance. A wide choice of optical lenses of the spotlight allows you to change the parameters of video surveillance by increasing the range or expanding the viewing angle. In the design of the projector there is a photo relay (dark sensor) which allows to react to the illumination by giving a signal to turn the light on or off. The emitter is installed in the front flange of the case and fixed with a lid with a light transmissive window, made of impact-resistant glass. To exclude the ingress of moisture and dust, rubber seals are used at the attachment points for removable body parts. A visor mounted on top of the case is also an element limiting adverse environmental conditions..

In the scope of delivery according to the customer’s choice, the searchlight is equipped with a bracket for mounting on a horizontal or vertical plane, as well as a cantilever bracket for mounting on a pipe.

Explosion protection marking PB Ex d I Mb X / 1Ex d IIС T6 Gb X
Enclosure material stainless steel, low-carbon steel, aluminium alloy
Type of climatic modification УХЛ 1
Ingress protection IP67
Temperature range, °С -60 ... +50
Operating voltage, V 12
Maximum power consumption, W 8
IR wavelength, нм 935
Number of IR diodes 8
Radiation angle,0* 10 30 60 80
Backlight range, м* 60 20 18 10
Horizontal width, м 10,5 10,5 20,5 16
Overall dimensions mm, max 410х280х140
Weight, max 12 kg

* The data on the illumination range and horizontal width can vary to a greater or lesser degree depending on the sensitivity of the matrix of the video camera. Example of order information

Orion MK IR10 – А – 220 – КМ15 – КТ
1 2 3 4 5

1 – Spotlight name and angle of illumination: 100, 300, 600, 800;
2 – Enclosure material
  A – aluminium alloy;
  S – low-carbon steel;
  N – stainless steel;
3 – operating voltage
4 – cable gland type:
  К – for surface routing of cable;
  Т1/2, Т3/4 – for connection to G1/2 or G3/4 pipe thread;
  B – for armoured cable, outer diameter 18 mm;
  КМ10, КМ12, КМ15, КМ20 – for metal hose 10 mm - 20 mm;
5 – Bracket mounting pipe – (КТ).


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