Azimut OP
Azimut OP Azimut OP Azimut OP

Detector IP101 Azimut OP is used to detect the ignition source and transmit a signal to the receiving/monitoring device and is intended for work in automatic fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems at special-purpose facilities. The detector is available with conventional (for tanks) or shortened (for premises) heat sensitive part of the body.

Ingress protection, IP 67
Operating temperature range, °С -60...+85
Operating voltage range, V 6...27
Input current at operating voltage 24 V: - standby mode — (0,2-0,25) mA
- 'fire' mode — (10,7+/-0,5) mA.
Warm-up time after powering up, max  
Overall dimensions, mm - conventional - 200х80х175
- extended – 200х80х262

Threshold temperature set by the manufacturer can be changed by the user by installing appropriate resistor in the detector's terminals. The detector kit includes the resistors for setting threshold temperature: 70 С; 90 С; 110 С. Relationship between the threshold temperature and the resistor value for IP Azimut.

T, °C 51 60 70 81 90 100 110
Rt, кОм 30 20 13 8,2 5,6 3,6 2,4

Detector IP Azimut comes with two cable glands that allow to install the detector in the alarm loop with round cable of diameter 6-10 mm.


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