Orbita OP
Orbita OP Orbita OP Orbita OP Orbita OP Orbita OP Orbita OP

Alarm device is designed to provide light and audible alerts in fire alarm and fire fighting systems when operating in combination with receiving/monitoring devices. Can be connected directly without intrinsic safety barrier.

When the supply voltage is switched on, the siren emits light, audible or one-time light and audible warning signals.

  Orbita OP Z Orbita OP S Orbita OP SZ
Operating voltage 12-30 VDC 12-30 VDC 12-30 VDC
Input current, max. 0,15 A 0,08 A 0,2 A
  Orbita OP Z 220V Orbita OP S 220V Orbita OP SZ 220V
Operating voltage 220 VAC 220 VAC 220 VAC
Input current, max. 0.04 mA 0.03 mA 0.06 mA
Ingress protection IP 65
Overall dimensions 100х100х60 mm
Sound pressure at 1 m distance, min. 105 dB   105 dB
The color of the signal  

Red (default)

Red (default)
Weight, max 1,0 kg
Operating temperature range -60°С…+70°C
Material Polyamide

Alarm devices is supplied with 1.5 m power cable; cable length can be specified by the customer to the cable gland of the junction box with G 1/2 thread.


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