Trion OP
Trion OP Trion OP Trion OP

Smoke detector IP 212 Trion OP is designed for detecting fires accompanied by smoke or combustion products of low concentration in enclosed spaces of buildings and structures, and for sending "Fire" signal to the receiving/monitoring device. For use in indoor/outdoor.

Ingress protection IP65/IP31
Operating temperature range -40°С .. +75°С
Operating voltage range 10V .. 30V
Input current:  
stanby mode, max 90 uA
'alarm' mode, max 20 mA
Sensitivity detector 0,05 dB/m .. 0,2 dB/m
Response time, max 5 s.
  • IP 212 Trion is detector of threshold type and can be used in alarm loops for short circuit (parallel connection). Fire alarm signal is generated by sharp drop of the detector's resistance.
  • The detector has built-in optical indication of detection.
  • Exchangeable current limiting resistor is used to adapt the detector to particular alarm control unit. Alarm signal of the detector is maintained after exposure to the combustion products ends. Reset of the detector to standby mode is triggered from alarm control unit.
  • Detector IP 212 Trion OP comes with two cable glands that allow to install the detector in the alarm loop with round cable of diameter 6-10 mm


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