• Type 1 (585х372х158/220х70х60)
  • Type 3 (424х264х115/95х50х45)
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Orion MK series heat-insulated enclosures for video cameras with lenses, IR cameras, IR spotlights or other electronic equipment are designed to protect the equipment installed inside the enclosure from environmental impacts. .

Applications: security and safety, control over technological processes in explosion hazardous and aggressive production facilities of oil, oil refining, petrochemical, gas and other industries, including mines with gas and dust hazards. .

Heat-insulated enclosure has explosion protection rated to "explosion-proof enclosure 'd'". Explosion protection РВ Ex d I Mb X /1 Ex d IIC T6 Gb X as per GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011. 'X' index in the marking means: do not expose the light-transmitting part to mechanical stress.

The housings belong to the explosion-proof electrical equipment of groups I, II, III according to GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011 and are intended for use in underground workings of mines, mines and their land structures, as well as in explosive areas of premises and outdoor installations and dust media in accordance with the established marking of explosion protection, the requirements of TR ТС 012/2011, GOST R IEC 60079-14-2011, other regulatory documents regulating the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas and in areas that are inflammable combustible dust.

The housings are designed for operation at ambient temperatures from minus 60 ° С to plus 50 ° С, type of climatic modification УХЛ1 according to GOST 15150-69. Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa The degree of protection of the shell - IP67 according to GOST 14254.

Protection against electric shock in accordance with GOST class III / class I. The metal housing has a protective earthing and a working insulation from current-carrying parts. With a supply voltage of 220V AC protection class I, with a supply voltage of up to 24V DC or AC - protection class III.

The enclosures are manufactured in the versions that differ in: enclosure material, overall dimensions, operating voltage, availability of IR illumination.
Explosion protection marking PB Ex d I Mb X / 1Ex d IIС T6 Gb X
Operating voltage  12-36 V ±10% DC or AC
220 V ±10% AC
Input current (RMS value), max
  with heating without heating
Type-1 12-36 VDC
12-36 VAC 1.7А
220 VAC 0.3А 0.1А
Type-3 12-36 VDC 3.7А
12-36 VAC 4.6А 1.7А
220 VAC 0.25А 0.1А
Power supply for installed equipment Voltage 12V±10%
Input current, max. 0.5А
'Cold start' temperature +0°С (±3°С)
Heating temperature (on/off) +1°С  / +10°С
Emergency power-off temperature 55°С (±3°С)
IR illumination
narrow-angle 30°
wide-angle 120°
Video equipment overall dimensions,
Type -1 190х70х60 mm
Type -3 95х50х45 mm
Enclosure material low-carbon steel 10 or 20 or stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т
Overall dimensions, max
Type -1 541х361х150 mm
Type -3 424х264х115 mm
Weight, max.
Type -1 10
Type -3 5

Heat-insulating enclosures are supplied with cable glands of various versions: 

  • for surface routing of the cable (designation index - К);
  • for routing the cablein pipe G1/2 (Т-1/2) or G3/4 (Т-3/4);
  • for connection of the armoured cable (B); 
  • for connection of the cable in metal hose RZTsH-15 mm or 20 mm (КМ10- КМ20).

Cable glands have G1/2 connection thread. Cable glands allow to route in/out round cables of diameter 6-12 mm Features - Operation temperature: -60°С…+50°С; - Automatic control of the temperature inside the enclosure; - Automatic heating before the cold start of video equipment; - Option to switch off heating; - Emergency power-off of equipment when internal space is overheated. Example of order information

ORION МК [Type] -[IR30, IR120] -[S, N] -[12-36V, 220V] -[К, Т1/2, Т3/4, B, КМ15, КМ20]
1 2 3 4 5 6

1 - Designation for Explosion-proof heat-insulated enclosures «ORION МК»;

2 – Size designation:

3 – availability and angle of IR illumination (no designation - not available):
  IR30 – narrow-angle illumination, 30 degrees;
  IR120 – wide-angle illumination, 120 degrees;

4 – enclosure material:
  S – galvanized steel with powder coating;
  N – stainless steel without coating;

5 – operating voltage:
  12-3V – 12-36 VDC/VAC;
  220V – 220 VAC;

6 -  cable gland type:
  К – for surface routing of cable;
  Т1/2, Т3/4 – for connection to G1/2 or G3/4 pipe thread;
  B – for armoured cable, outer diameter 18 mm;
  КМ10, КМ12, КМ15, КМ20 – for metal hose 10 mm - 20 mm.


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