PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb
PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb PKV TYPE-1...4 <br> 1ExedIIBT6Gb
PKV TYPE-1...4
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PKV type-1, PKV type-2 PKV type-3, PKV type-4

The posts are intended for switching, controlling and indicating the operation modes of AC and DC electric circuits in the explosion hazardous areas. The posts are designed to connect armored and non-armored electrical cables of circular cross-section, as well as cables in metal hose or pipe.

As standard, the customer selects: the type of cable entries their number, as well as switching elements, indications, text labels. In view of the available space inside the case, terminal clamps of two types are screwed or spring-loaded. Each switching element has one or two contacts. Normally-closed and normally-open contacts can be used (see APPENDIX B, Table B1). The manufacturer reserves the right to arrange all elements according to his design.

Posts can have tablets with operational inscriptions in Russian and foreign languages: "Start", "Stop", "Forward", "Back", "Up", "Down", "Right" & " , "Left", "Fast", "Slowly", "Jog", "Brake", "Open", "Close", "Off", "Auto-0-On" and other short labels on the order of the consumer.

The posts are delivered with explosion-proof cable entries of the KV series TU 3449-138-81888935-2016 produced by OOO "SMD Company". The type, number and location of the cable glands is specified when ordering. Each cable entry is supplied with rubber seals for the cable.

Explosion protection marking 1Ex ed IIB T6 Gb
Enclosure material aluminium alloy
Climatic rating UHL1
Operating temperature range -60°С<Ta<75°С
Ingress protection IP66
Max. Voltage alternating current ~630V
Max. Voltage direct current =440V
Maximum contact current 10A
Minimum contact current 0,05А
Type of load Active / Inductive
Electrical wear resistance, VO cycles, no less than buttons switches 6*105 105
Mechanical durability, VO cycles, not less than buttons switches 3*106 3*105
Rated voltage of indicator lamps, постоянный or alternating current 24V, 220V
Maximum cross-section of connected conductors 2,5mm2
Type Number of switching or indication elements Overall dimensions without cable glands (L x W x H): Mounting dimensions
PKV type-1 1 80х75х70 mm 52х63 mm
PKV type-2 2 80х125х70 mm 52х113 mm
PKV type-3 3 80х175х70 mm 52х163 mm
PKV type-4 4 80х250х70 mm 52х238 mm
Enclosure material aluminium alloy
Service life to write-off, years 10


PKV   [Type-Х]   1ExedIIBT6Gb (x)  (s1ckm), (s2ckm), … (snckm) 
1 2 3 4 5


1 – device package type «PKV»;

2 – Overall dimensions and of switching or indication elements type-1, type-2, type-3, type-4;

3 – Explosion protection marking;

4 – cable gland type:
x– cable gland type:
K – for cable of diameter 6-12 mm surface routing;
B – for armoured cable with outer diameter 6-12 mm;
T1/2 – for routing 6-12 mm cable in pipe with G1/2 connection thread;
KM12, KM15, KM20 – for connection of 6-12 mm armoured cable in metal horse RZTsH-12, 15, 20

5 – switching or indication elements area:
n – switching or indication elements;
s1, s2, s3 – the symbol of the control in the order listed from top to bottom;
c – color (only for lamps and buttons K10, K11):
k – red; z – green; zh – yellow; ch – bleck
k – type of contacts  (only for buttons and switches):
m – explanatory inscription:
the text of the inscription in quotation marks is indicated, for example "START", it is desirable to use standard inscriptions;

for multi-position switches, the enumeration of the labels separated by commas is indicated in the order of increasing the number of the switch position, for example "POSITION 1", "POSITION 2".


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