S2000-PKV Version 1
S2000-PKV Version 2

“SMD Company” together with the company “Bolid” developed an explosion-proof set PPKUP S2000-PKV based on S2000M. This solution allows it to be used in hazardous areas of Class I and II. Thanks to this, it is possible to implement a threshold, address and analogue addressable OPS system in hazardous areas and allows the use in the following areas where it was previously impossible:

  • Oil refineries (directly in workshops)
  • Chemical enterprises
  • Metallurgical production
  • Extraction and transportation of oil and gas
  • Agricultural complexes and enterprises
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Defense industry
  • Mining industry
  1. The ability to configure any of the existing OPS options in an explosion-proof design based on ISO ORION BOLID and SMD Company equipment.
  2. All equipment has a climatic modification UHL1. The degree of protection against dust and moisture is IP65-IP68. These parameters allow you to use the complex on objects with high dust, high humidity, as well as at low negative temperatures of -60 degrees.
  3. A large line of detectors and sirens made by SMD allows the use of equipment from only one manufacturer, which undoubtedly facilitates the task of the design, supply and installation departments.
  4. Minimum terms of production and delivery - all equipment is available at the manufacturer’s warehouse. Due to the full production cycle, the Company SMD minimizes dependence on suppliers, which in turn eliminates the failure of equipment delivery times.
  5. Profitability in design and installation: due to the fact that all equipment can be installed in the hazardous area, the number of cable lines is significantly reduced, there is no need to carry the control panel into the explosion-proof area.
  6. Simplicity of service - ISO ORION is widely known in the market. No need to retrain staff. Also, all the detectors and sounders can be used only by one manufacturer, which greatly simplifies the installation and maintenance of this complex.
  7. This solution allows you to implement a fully autonomous fire alarm system even at a remote object where there are no people. All information can be received via wired and wireless communication lines to a remote central operator’s console.
  8. Thanks to the use of detectors and sounders produced by the Company SMD with built-in address labels, it is possible to visually display the location of the activated or faulty sensor.


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